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Remote Revenue Management for Hire


Revenue Management

With over 10 clients around the world over 5 years, We delivers proven predictive analytics and machine learning technology that increase revenues 6-25%. Whether you want to upgrade your RMS technology, tailor your own custom RMS, or jump-start your revenue management program, HotelRevbaba has the technical and practical experience to guide your revenue management journey and supply the most-advanced technology available. 

Increase Profit up-to 25% and more


  • Tailored, Low-Cost Revenue Management Capabilities That Increase Your Revenues and Profits
  • Patented, Proven Technology Generates Higher Prices, Greater Utilization, and More Profits
  • Improve Profits from the First Use – 6-25% Revenue Increase

Save Time up-to 85%


  • Revenue-At-Risk Alerts Guide High-Value User Actions
  • Just 15 Minutes/Day to Review and Control the Performance, Prices and Controls
  • Quick Scan With Advanced Business Intelligence Dashboards

Beat Competition up-to 20%


  • Proven to Outperform Competing Revenue Management Systems by 36%
  • Improve Revenues and Profitability Across All Circumstances
  • Competitive Rate and Performance Data Enables Intelligent Response to Competitor Actions


In today’s ever-changing distribution environment, revenue management has gone from nice-to-have to must-have for the majority of hotels and resorts. But finding an experienced, reliable revenue manager can be a costly and time-consuming task. Our unique service pairs your hotel with a dedicated industry expert who will help you create and maintain a winning revenue strategy.

Critical Intelligence At Your Fingertips


· High-level overview of operating performance and competitive results for General Managers and Executive Staff

· Quick Scan across KPI’s with advanced Business Intelligence Dashboards

· Total transparency, control and advanced analytical functions at the most detailed level for Revenue Managers and Analysts

· Advanced Price and Availability capabilities have been embedded within corporate booking systems

· Quick access to key performance details and guidance for local management teams

· Long-range performance, scanning, and planning tools with flexible-roll-up for Regional or Corporate Executives

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Hotel Channel Manager

What is a Channel Manager

The OTA industry is growing constantly with new OTA's emerging every few months. Hoteliers must tie-up with multiple OTAs for better exposure, revenue and bookings. However, maintaining inventory through different extra-nets is a very challenging task, which can lead to overbooking and rate disparity problems.

 Take your property’s online distribution to the next level and grow bookings with our real-time hotel channel manager. Easy and efficient, it lets you manage rates and inventory – anytime, anywhere – always making informed decisions. 

Occupancy Based Pricing

 We all know with the increasing competition and in fast changing internet world, predicting the hotel rates will lead to loss of revenue. 

Situations can change within days or hour because of climate, Govt. Policy, Bulk Bookings, Cancellation of flights, trains or any other reason. Occupancy Based Pricing will help you to automate the process up to 60 days in advance.

 It will calculate the best possible rates and push across all OTAs for a given day, depending on time and inventory left. It can be triggered automatically every few hours or run through buttons whenever required. So, don't lose revenue, increase you ARR and occupancy by switching to Occupancy Based Pricing. 

Rate Parity Alert

 Maintaining same Rates across all channels have become important task to keep your ranking higher across all OTA's. eGlobe Channel Manager ensures that you get prompt alert and warning emails, in case any rate discrepancy found across any OTAs. 

Complete, Real-Time Integration

 Channel Manager uses the state of art technology, sending multiple request to OTA's and updating the screens (via JQuery) without refreshing the pages. Experience complete 2 ways integration with easy to use interfaces. 

Manage Inventory

Managing Inventory is a constant task which hotel staff are required to do on a very frequent basis. eGlobe provides you perfect tools which enables you to complete your task fast and effectively. 

Key Fact while Selecing Channel Manager


  • Unlimited OTA Connections
  • Connect to Your PMS
  • Create Restrictions
  • Last-Minute Deals
  • PCI-Compliant
  • Pooled Inventory
  • Stop Sell Limit
  • Bulk Update
  • Detailed Insights
  • iOS & Android App

Hotel Technology

Front Desk

Front Desk by HotelRevbaba Sunil Singh

 No more need to enter OTA bookings manually in PMS. Our Front Desk does it all for you. It auto allots room numbers, generates Pro-Forma Invoices, generates Report and other exciting features. 

Single Page Booking Engine

Booking engire By HotelRevbaba Sunil Singh

 State of the Art, single page 4 step booking engine. User is always in control and have full access of the discounts and occupancy.
Rates and discounts are implemented instantly with every user change and without refreshing the page.

Price Breakup provides complete transparency of discount and rates are implemented for each day and each room. 

Responsive CMS Based Website Designing

Hotel Website by HotelRevbaba Sunil Singh

 Get Responsive website that detects the visitor's screen size and orientation and change the layout accordingly. Get the website to resize automatically to fit desktop, laptop and mobile devices which increase the chance of better SEO Rankings . Easily change Colors, Content, Gallery, SEO Keywords through Admin Panel. 

Google Hotel Ads

Google Hotel Ads by HotelRevbaba Sunil Singh

 Connect your Hotel Booking Engine directly with Google to advertise real-time rates and availability and pay only for confirmed bookings. Now all our hotel partners can increase their direct bookings by showcasing their hotel's own rates, along with various OTA's, on Google Search, Google Maps, across Desktops, Tablets, and Mobile devices. Display your hotel's Live Rates and Availability to the travellers all over the world. 

TripAdvisor's Instant Booking

Tripadvisor Instant Booking by HotelRevbaba Sunil Singh

 Trip Advisor Instant Booking is an important channel for reaching large global audiences, garner reviews from customers and optimizing revenue with direct bookings on your website. Instant bookings charges on pay per conversion model. That means you pay to TripAdvisor only on confirmed bookings. 

SEO for Hotels

SEO for Hotels by HotelRevbaba Sunil Singh

 Start working with an company that can provide everything you need to generate awareness, drive traffic, connect with customers, and increase sales. 

 A user friendly, dynamic and attractive website increases confidence in customers to book online. It increases Look to Book ratio. SEO friendly websites will improve your rankings in search engines leading to more traffic and bookings. 


What will the rental price be for my property?

AIRBNB Management Services

 Every property is unique. Because of that, there are a lot of factors that go into determining the rental price of a property including facilities, location, quality of furnishings, etc. For a rental price estimate, contact us and one of our market experts will be happy to assist you.  

What happens if I need to sell the property or take it off the short-term market?

airbnb management services

Our agreement with us has no lock-in period which makes it easy for you to take your property off the market whenever you want. We do ask that you honor the bookings that are already committed—even after you have taken your property off the market—by either using the original property or helping to rehouse the customers. If the rehousing cost is more than the original cost then you will be responsible for paying the difference.  

What do property owners receive?

Airbnb management services

 Property owners are getting convenience and peace-of-mind. we markets properties over 100 global booking channels, reconciles the inventory after every guest’s check-out, conducts professional  and preventative maintenance, and ensures that every guest is getting a great experience. We do all this while still ensuring that you have complete access to your property anytime that you want.  

What is Short term rental services ?

airbnb management services

 In fact, although we're talking about Airbnb management services we could equally talk about short-stay management services, holiday lettings management services, short-stay management services or even 2.0 management services to refer to our trade. Indeed, for the most part, we don't only rent through Airbnb but also on a range of platforms that have emerged over the past few years. And while our trade was less reliant on the internet in the past, it still existed well before Airbnb.  

Why use an Airbnb management service?

airbnb management services

 Our potential customers generally contact us because they want to rent out their property during the holiday season without having to manage their short-term lets. 

 Communicating with guests, cleaning between each let, meeting and greeting guests who often arrive late... letting during the holiday season is certainly more profitable (two to three times the amount for a standard let) but is also more time-consuming! The added value of an Airbnb management service is that it organises the entire rental management process. 

How much does an Airbnb management service cost?

airbnb management services cost

  On average, an Airbnb management services costs 03-20% of the rate per night . On top of this are the fixed fees that will be added to each reservation and which are intended to cover the logistical costs. These fixed fees are generally passed on to the guests.